Welcome to the IGC Secret Network

The Official International Growth Committee of Secret Network

We are dedicated to growing the Secret Network EcoSystem together with every eligible candidate willing to participate and contribute.

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IGC merging together with Awareness and Education.

We will be working together with the other committees to improve the community and the growth of it. Together with Education and Awareness we want to show the world what Secret Network is all about!

Who are we ?

We are one of the integral elements in the Secret Network Ecosystem. Our mission is to manage translations like the Translated Archives on Medium and to maintain most of the Telegram, Discord and other social platforms of the Secret Network.

We try to keep up-to-date with all developments related to the Secret Network. We have already translated more than 250+ articles to different languages by now.

The IGC Agents are the key to maintaining the SN international social platforms. Our IGC agents work closely with community members to create & spread every article in every language.

We started in March with a new chapter regarding the safety of our community members. We are creating verified social media to prevent fake accounts from stealing your Privacy and money through scams.

Meet the Team

Meet the Team

Our Roadmap

IGC Socials & Marketing

Our new goal is to establish safety and awareness on social media platforms where people can educate themselves regarding investing in Privacy.  We created the IGC Instagram, Twitter and Youtube Channel to keep the community informed and updated on all official Secret Network content.


As far as newbies are concerned, they are lucky to have a Virtual assistant called John, who will guide them through animated educative videos like: How to use and invest in SCRT and much more...

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Translated Archives

We have many people in the world, that means a lot of cultures and different habits, but also one of the most important things are: Languages

Would you like to translate Secret Network articles, blogs, websites, etc to your native language? Then we are happy to have you!

Check our Medium accounts for your own channel and click on this box to start translating.